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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Line!

Ok i am dead set on keeping up with this daily!
its gonna be for personal and business,
aka everything me, Kris Star <3
Please Please check out the new line
about half of the stock is up now
and the website is another story,
im trying to get everything up and running as quickly as possible

Today i am just ridiculously tired
i've been up for 48 hours straight
im going to try and list a few items before i crash
but there will be 10 up for today by midnight
and then about 40 more after that,
that still need pictures, Blah

Buy stuff now, im broke and paid bills yesterday!

Love love love, Kris

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This weeks eBay love<3

I have new items on eBay for the week..
every sunday at 7 there will be new DDGF
for you to get your hands on at a fraction of the usual prices!
I thought this would be a great way to find more amazing customers
and give you some one of a kind items at way affordable prices!
I promise i am not neglecting my etsy,
it will be COMPLETELY filled this week!
and next week it will be an explosion of blue & black in there
for the Diyscene.com theme that i have completely ran with!
So take a look loves
and dont forget to bid!

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Items on eBay this week!

So here is the birth of my blog..im hoping to update it once a week as new items go up.
I just added 14 new items on eBay and i LOVE them all..i just want to keep em'. I adore st. patty's day so you see that BIG time ^_^